Version 1.10

Bug fixes:
  1. Fix tooltips
  2. Fix mouse click
  3. Crash on Sort column
  4. Wrong tooltips on date and time
  5. Tabs content menu
  6. Use windows custom updates
  7. Improved retrieving of the file icons
  8. Fix a bug when the main window wasn’t restored properly when minimized
  9. Sort date bug
  10. Rename Window too small on some configuration
  11. Converted to Visual Studio 2019
  12. Converted to C++ 17
  13. New Website based on Hugo
  14. Tree Control not working
  15. Fixed keyboard navigation
  1. Option not to show executable icons - speed
  2. Introduced a new tool Dupfind
  3. Selected as new panel on the statusbar bar
  4. Improved multi rename speed
  5. Added support for Windows 10

Version 1.07

Bug fixes:
  1. Ampersand (&) in the file names shown as “_” on the tabs - Fixed.
  2. Replace all going into infinite loop - Fixed.
  3. If you select a folder in “groups” section and after that you select another folder from in “folders” section, when you try to select the same folder that you have selected in “groups”, the folder don’t change. - Fixed.
  4. Sorting files by date has the arrow point in the wrong direction in v1.06. - Fixed
  5. ExplorerXP leaks thread handles - Fixed
  6. ExplorerXP crashes when updates a folder - Fixed
  7. ExplorerXP opens folders twice on startup - - Fixed
  1. Improved startup speed.
  2. Go Menu . “Up”, “Back”, “Forward” commands can be assigned to accelerators.
  3. Add folder to groups.
  4. Folder size cache - greatly improves the speed of the folder size calculations between sessions.
  5. A “Close” button on the Tab bar.
  6. An option to strip the path from the folder names on the tabbar. (File \ Settings \ Tabs)
  7. An option to limit the tolal number of characters on the tabs. (File \ Settings \ Tabs)
  8. Support for the extended keyboad buttons and special mouse keys (Back & Forward)
  9. Updated installer to NSIS 2.09

Version 1.06

Bug fixes:
  1. ExplorerXP crashes in “Downloaded Program Files” when right mouse button is clicked - Fixed.
  2. ExplorerXP crashes when a folder name on the tabbar is longer than 80 characters - Fixed.
  3. ExplorerXP crashes when invalid folder name is typed in the Address bar - Fixed.
  4. “Make All as This Folder” menu option doesn’t work with all configurations - Fixed.
  1. A new selection command “Select Group” - select similar files. E.g. pic001.jpg, pic002.jpg..
  2. A new command “Command Prompt” in the “Tools” menu. It opens a command prompt for the current folder.
  3. Multi-Rename Dialog - replace command can replace all occurrences of a string.
  4. A new Multi-Rename Mode. “Insert” insert a string on a specified position in the file name.
  5. An option to disable the calculation of the folder sizes.
  6. A new set of quick move commands. (In “Edit” popup menu)
  7. “Move to tabs” - shows a popup menu to move the selected files to one the folders open by ExplorerXP
  8. “Move to subfolder” - shows a popup menu to move the selected files to a subfolder of the current folder.
  9. “Move to groups” - shows a popup menu to move the selected files to a folder from the groups.
  10. “Move to Parent” - shows a popup menu to move the selected files to the parent folder.
  11. Updated installer to NSIS 2.05

Version 1.05

Bug fixes:
  1. CopyTo/MoveTo dialog doesn’t show the last path - Fixed.
  2. CopyTo/MoveTo dialog show the last path more than once - Fixed.
  3. Show hidden files doesn’t affect the folder tree - Fixed.
  4. Copy and paste to the same folder not always works - Fixed.
  1. Improved tabbed interface.
  2. New Folder Button.
  3. Free disk space is shown on the status bar.
  4. A customizable keyboard shortcuts.
  5. Improved rename dialog.
  6. Improved multi-rename dialog.
  7. Support for Window New Menu - right click on the empty space to create a new file. Just as Windows Explorer.
  8. A new feature - Groups. A group is a collection of folders, which users are able to access quickly or drag & drop files to them.
  9. Ability to change folder/directory size units - bytes, kbytes…. See File/Settings - “File and Folder Size”.
  10. Left click on the empty space of the tab bar opens a new folder.
  11. Middle click on a tab closes the window.

Version 1.04

Bug fixes:
  1. Folders Tree doesn’t update after insert/remove of USB device - Fixed.
  2. Recycle Bin icon on the Tab bar doesn’t update - Fixed.
  3. ExplorerXP crashes if a saved folder no longer exists - Fixed.
  4. Wrong folder size after Clean - Fixed.
  1. Alt-Enter shows properties of the selected files.
  2. Tab moves through folder view, address bar & folders tree.
  3. A new option - show/hide-hidden files/folders.
  4. A customizable toolbar - View/Customize Toolbar.
  5. A new column for file/folder attributes.
  6. Tooltips for tabs.
  7. ExplorerXP saves/loads folder state - column widths & visible columns.
  8. Right click menu on Tabs.
  9. Right click menu on empty space in the folder view.
  10. Right click menu on folder view header - show/hide columns.
  11. 2 new commands for folder view preferencies - “Make All as This” & “Reset All Folders” in View menu.
  12. Forward/Back commands improvement - save selected files.
  13. Left and Right arrow work as Enter / Back space - change to folder , move to parent folder.

Version 1.03

Bug Fixes:
  1. Missing names on tabs - Fixed.
  2. Folders size not updated after some of the rename operations - Fixed.
  3. ExplorerXP fails to load the default folders' group - Fixed.
  1. ALT+ENTER - View properties for the selected item (s).
  2. F4 - Display the Address bar list.
  3. Alt+D - Go to the Address bar.
  4. Application key - Display the shortcut menu for the selected item.
  5. ExplorerXP integrates to the Windows Explorer right click menu for folders and drives.
  6. Improved loading/saving of toolbars.
  7. ExplorerXP supports folder names on the command line - now you can create a shortcut to your folders.
  8. improved the folder updates after a rename operation.
  9. Improved stability.

Version 1.02

Bug Fixes:
  1. Long path names cut in the address bar - Fixed.
  2. Home/End keys don’t work - Fixed.
  3. Sort order of the file types is reversed - Fixed.
  4. Close All in Windows menu doesn’t work - Fixed.
  5. ExplorerXP unnecessary accesses floppy and USB drives on startup - Fixed.
  6. Merge Dialog sorting and reordering issues - fixed.
  1. Major speed improvements.
  2. New settings dialog.
  3. Turn on/off the grid.
  4. Load save/last opened folders.
  5. Added Unicode support.
  6. Date / Time format uses Local Settings.
  7. Tabs on Top/Bottom.
  8. Added Save Tabs as default.
  9. Minor UI changes for better compatibility with Windows XP.

Version 1.01

Bug Fixes:
  1. Access violation after clicking on the CDROM - Fixed
  2. USB drives not enumerated - Fixed.
  3. Exploring Floppy Disk - V1.0 does not recognize the A: floppy disk - Fixed
  4. the keyboard shortcut “ctrl+n” is twice assigned. for “new tab” and for “clean - Fixed.
  5. Click on the CDROM in the tree - the CDROM disappears - Fixed
  6. Crash - anywhere on the left tree & Press CTRL or ALT - Fixed
  1. New shortcut for the “Clean” command - Ctrl-L.
  2. Toolbar button for the “Clean” command.
  3. Help file with the keyboard shortcuts.
  4. Navigation through the open tabs with Ctrl-Tab & Ctrl+Shift-Tab.
  5. Shift+Delete works as WinExplorer- deletes files without moving to RecBin.. .